Injury prevention week 2


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My review for the second week of Injury prevention program for runners combined with 2-3 base runs is here! 

Overall, 2-3 weight sessions with 2-3 base run with pick-ups sessions per week feels pretty reasonable. According to Recovery metric from Coros, at the end of the week (sunday), I am at 50% recovery which should be fine for 1 day off and be ready for next weight training session on Monday. 

Things I noticed that could affect the runs significantly:

1. Sleep routine: During this week, I was not having a good sleep schedule. I could not sleep at all until 2-3 AM in the morning. Waking up at 9 or 10AM resulted in 6-7 hours of sleeping, which is pretty fine but felt under the weather for the entire week. 

2. Nutrition and meal schedule: Late wakie led to no/late breakfast, which led to the urge of late night snacks, which eventually led to late bedtime. 

3. Temperature: Even though, HR was good during the run, the dryness of Hanoi at 5 PM was still somewhat hot/hard for me.

Things I want to improve in this next week:

1. Good sleep routine with better sleep schedule. Actions:

  • No screentime 1 hour before bed. Latest 11 PM to stop watching random reels.
  • Bed time starts at 12AM, plan to be awake at 7-8 AM.
2. Needs to have breakfast! I can try to have something like 1 slide of bread with cheese and ham/bacon or maybe just need a peanut butter banana with yogurt. Avoid instant ramen. 
3. Increase cadence. Actions are to monitor my cadence closely and how I feels after runs with different cadence. I will try to keep the default pace. 

Pretty decent week! Here are the numbers from Coros Training Hub.


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